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Reaching out through our work – Take my hands and make them as your own and use them for your kingdom here on earth, consecrate them to your care, anoint them for your service where you may need your Gospel to be sown.

Confraternity of the DIVINE INFANCY

Devotion to the Holy Infancy of Jesus has ever flourished in Mount Carmel community. The first statue of the Divine Infant of Prague, ever to appear in Ireland, was brought to this monastery in 1890. It came from Belgium, and is a facsimile of the miraculous one in Prague. Loughrea is the centre, in Ireland, for enrolment in the Confraternity of the Divine Infant Jesus of Prague.

The purpose of the Confraternity is to promote devotion to the Divine Infant Jesus i.e. to bring before the minds of the faithful in general and more particularly the members of the Confraternity, the example of the hidden life of Jesus so that they may meditate on His most holy virtues, and their hearts be more deeply inflamed with love for the Word-made-Flesh.

Also to place all members of the Confraternity, especially the young, under the protection of the Divine Child Jesus, so that through the richness of his blessings, He may preserve their innocence, and guard them from the snares and corruption of the world. For those who wish to attend, a meeting of the Confraternity takes place at 5.00 p.m. on the 25th of each month.

Cost: €7 euros each member, postage extra.

Devotion to SAINT JOSEPH

St. Teresa of Jesus (Avila) affirms that she never made a request of him, that he did not grant her. “Whoever does not believe me”, she says, “I ask them to make trial of it for themselves”.

In St. Joseph’s Monastery, Loughrea, two lamps burn day and night. One perpetual lamp is in honour of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and St. Joseph for the relief of the souls in Purgatory. The other is for special guidance in all spiritual and temporal affairs: for the grace of a happy death, and the same blessing for all who are in their last agony throughout the world; for final perseverance in virtue; for the suppression of intemperance; for peace and union in families and that devotion to St. Joseph may ever increase in the Church and for the prevention of sin.

Cost: €10 euros for one person perpetual.
€15 euros for a family perpetual
€3 euros per person for one year

The Brown Scapular

May all Carmelites see in the Scapular, this keepsake of the Virgin herself, a mirror of humility and purity; may they read in the very simplicity of the garment a concise lesson in modesty and simplicity, and above all may they see in this same garment, which they wear day and night, the eloquently expressive symbol of their prayers for the Divine aid; finally, may it be to them a sign of their consecration to the most sacred heart of the Immaculate Virgin; a consecration which we have so strongly recommended”
[Pius X11 on the occasion of the 7th centenary of the Brown Scapular]

In the passage above quoted, Pius X11 points out that by the appropriate use of the Brown Scapular, the faithful, laity as well as Carmelites can express their love for God’s Mother in a very striking way, and learn many valuable lessons. The scapular is a sacramental, that is to say, it is a sacred sign approved by the Church to help in bringing about the sanctification of daily life. Just as Mary wrapped the Infant Jesus in clothing which she herself had prepared, so too she designated the Holy Scapular to be a sign of her motherly protection, both in life and in death.

Take my hands, they speak now for my heart,
And by their actions they will show their love.
Guard them on their daily course,
Be their strength and guiding force,
To ever serve the Trinity above.
Take my hands, I give them to you Lord,
Prepare them for the service of your name.
Open them to human need,
And by their love,
They’ll sow your seed,
So all may know the love and hope you gave.

Scapulars are available here:
75 cents each; Discounts on large orders

Rosary Booklet
During the Year Of The Rosary and in honour of Pope John Paul11, we published a rosary booklet titled:

“Holy Father, teach me to pray the rosary as you do!”
A new look at the rosary. This booklet is available at €1 euro each.

Book of Poems – ‘Glimpses of Heaven on Earth’
Written by one of our sisters it is available @ €7 euros or £5 sterling.

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