Our day begins and ends with prayer.

When we go back in history to find the roots of prayer, we find there those pillars that still uphold Carmel today:

Prayer and silence.

There is no Carmel without prayer. Carmel is simply another word for prayer. It is an answer to the call to live a life of prayer that brings us to Carmel. Prayer keeps us here and obtains for us the grace to die here. While all followers of Christ should offer themselves as a sacrifice, living, holy and pleasing to God, then, more especially the Carmelite nun, whose whole life should become, “a hymn of praise to the glorious grace of God” (Eph.1:6,12,14), as we offer ourselves to God every day, “knowing that what pleases him is perfect”.(Rom.12)

“I cannot live unless to prove some love
for such unmeasured love”