Prayer Outreach

As Carmelites, we seek the face of God in a life of contemplative prayer, at the service of the church. In striving to follow Christ, both personally and as a community, we bring to him the needs, yearnings, joys and sufferings of humanity.

It is the power of our prayer that reaches each one in his/her unique situation. God himself comes to them because we prayed. It is said of Mary, our mother and mother of the church: “What ineffable power your divine Son has given you over his adorable heart”. We share in this grace by our love and fidelity.

We come to know how impossible life would be without prayer, and that in fact, the more we pray, the more we need to pray”. Scripture says, “Pray without ceasing” and this is the grace we seek most of all.

I thank my God,
Each time I think of you,
And when I pray for you,
I pray with joy.
I love you just as Christ loves me.
I pray that you will reach the perfect goodness,
And that to the Lord you will belong.
“Come and worship,
Royal Priesthood,
Come and praise Him,
Holy nation.
Worship Jesus, our redeemer,
He is precious,
King of Glory”.