Jesus carried His cross. He fell three times and got up each time that He might bear His cross to the very end. He died, as a result and then He rose from the dead. We too have to learn to die to ourselves that we may rise to new life and live for God. We do this by always seeking God’s holy will for us and not our own sweet wills.

So we make the intention of following him, of keeping his commandments and precepts and of doing all for him but we know too that the actual doing of it must be His choice too, always hoping God will choose me to do his holy will.

By perseveringly wanting the holiness God wants for us, we grow in wisdom, age and grace and the true spirit of self-denial.

Each sister seeks to do those things which will best help her to achieve this evangelical self-denial and which is such a necessary part of the journey to union with God.

“Come back to me, with all your heart,
Don’t let fear keep us apart.
Long have I waited for your coming
Home to me and living deeply
Our new life”.