Meditation Space

God’s utmost act was to bring each one of us as human beings into his likeness and image. He adopts us as His children with full rights to his eternal Kingdom and the most wonderful part of such dignity is to understand in a minute way but also to an unimaginable degree the mystery of the Blessed Trinity. This mystery, I believe will never be fully open to us because such is the will of God and  He is and ever shall be.

Man and woman is the creation of God in complete love. God saw that it was good to have mankind, not as a slave but as a co-heir to His very existence. To think that we might not accept God’s greatest gift of self-giving due to our clouded vision of not realising it would never be surpassed in all eternity!

Nevertheless we have some conception of our destiny and that we are advancing towards our great inexplicable inheritance that God has not only promised us but has marked with His indelible guarantee that we will, as unique individuals of body and soul become distinctive palpitating reality one day in God’s holy place and known to us simply as Heaven.

The developing Universe is a constant testament to the will of God for us, His adopted people with an eternal soul, in full flight to a life that is eternal. Each age of man, generation upon generation and Era upon Era always thinks and convinces itself that it has discovered vast amounts of knowledge about the fountain of existence. We are not foolish in thinking so. Where the foolishness enters the scene is when we imagine the secret of human life is ours and not God’s. Such conclusions are in fact a human insult to our Creator, who nevertheless looks on such with the benevolent eye of a loving Father. He, it was who allowed His only Son Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Blessed Trinity, to become incarnate in our very own image and opened up the true vistas of our sacred human fragility.

From the beginning, whenever that was, we have incessantly sought to analyse the unsolvable and in this way have come to know that there is but one God, fully expressed in the mystery of mysteries, the Blessed Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Ghost. This truth has never been understood but simply accepted by every great mind, Theologian and Philosopher except those who suffer from pride of intellect or non-acceptance of God and who consider man to be the superior Being. It is foolishness not tobe willing to nurture the gift of Faith and which I truly believe is given by God to absolutely to every child ever-born, simply because of God’s unbounded and unconditional love so much so that man’s first sense of his intimation of God is Faith in God, as the flower seeks shelter from the harsh wind and spirals towards the caressing sun to reach its full potential.

“It seems that even in the animal world it is not acceptable to take what belongs to another. However if the cause is genuine and a real need is there then as Jesus told us, ‘all will be given to you, full measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.

The lesson is: never steal, just present your case and leave the rest to God and God’s friends.”