The common table is a symbol of our sisterly communion.

refectoryWe eat together, listening meanwhile to a reading from holy Scripture or other good books or at times, recorded talks, while on feast days we often have music.

Our life cannot be restricted solely to the celebration of the liturgy in the strict sense, but all else of what we do is also based on this worship and transpires in all our other actions, including those that derive directly from temporal responsibilities or bear the mark of what is temporary or incomplete.

The sisters lovingly prepare the food we eat so that we serve each other in this way also. The hard work involved forms part of the penance we practise and like wise with all other necessary work that we do.

Prayer before meals
Bless us, O Lord and these Your gifts
Which of your bounty
We are about to receive,

Through Christ our Lord, Amen

Prayer after meals

We give You thanks, O Almighty God,
For all your blessings,
Who live and reign, forever and ever, Amen

“I am the bread of life,
He who comes to me shall not hunger,

He who believes in me shall not thirst.
No one can come to me, unless the father draw him”.