My Catholic keepfit notes

“The precepts of the Lord are holy, abiding forever.

They give gladness to the heart and light to the eyes.”


  1. Be poor in spirit.
  2. Be meek.
  3. Mourn and weep for sin and sinners.
  4. Hunger and thirst after justice.
  5. Be Merciful.
  6. Be clean of heart.
  7. Be a peacemaker.
  8. Suffer persecution for justice sake.
  9. Let them persecute you, speak evil of you and revile you untruly for my name’s sake and be glad and rejoice.
  10. If you can let your light shone before men but keep my commandments to glorify my father in Heaven.
  11. Don’t offer sacrifice at the altar while you are enemies of each other. Go, make friends and then come and offer.
  12. Don’t look at man or woman to lust after them.
  13. If your eye causes you to sin, pluck it out. If your right hand cause sin, cut it off.