Our Universal Journey

journey1_1Vatican II speaks of the Church as the pilgrim people of God, led by the Holy Spirit in the journey to the kingdom of their Father. Life is a journey or pilgrimage.

There are:

  • Deserts to cross,
  • Ladders to climb,
  • Mountains to ascend and
    sacred places to visit and more

“The Lord shall guide you continually”.– Isaiah 58:11
The Christian life is a journey, a movement of on-going conversion and transformation. – “St. Paul , 2Cor. 3:18.


So it is an adventure in Faith and the joy of the faithful disciple is part and parcel of it all.Above all it is an inner journey. Others may seem to travel with us but essentially we travel alone with God. The is not mapped, but Jesus is our guide and each step onwards must be freely and personally chosen. Others may help or hinder but our part is to keep our eyes on Jesus, accepting whatever helps He chooses for us along the and always ready to do without them when He beckons. Our vows of Poverty, Chastity and Obedience assist us as they help us to journey safely with Faith, Hope and Love through the nights and days of our “pilgrim way”

“Glorify the Lord with me
Together, let us praise his Name.
Happy he who flies to Him,
Seeking shelter in His arms.
Come and hear the song I sing,
Praises bursting from my heart.
God does hear and He bends close
To those who seek Him with their hearts”.

For those who are his friends,
And keep his laws as holy,
His mercy never ends
And he exalts the lowly.

Then glorify with me
The Lord who is my saviour,
Rejoice, for who am I
That God has shown me favour.

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