Our particular rule and style of life requires that all the sisters come together twice a day for recreation. God loves a cheerful giver so we try to do so in a spirit of joy, since this community act always involves a certain giving of ourselves.There is freedom to do various things but St. Teresa insisted that we remain there even if it doesn’t please us. We must seek to share our joyousness of heart with others and to recreate ourselves.

Our custom is to begin each period of recreation with this prayer:

“O Lord, our God, as we your servants are about to recreate ourselves for a while, let us do so to please you and for your greater glory and grant that this act may enable us afterwards to perform the works of your service with greater fervour, this grace we likewise beg of you, O glorious Queen of heaven and our holy father, St. Joseph.


“I will play before the lord,
I will sing to him, my melody.

Stand among His people here,
Telling of all his ways.

Sing, people of God,
Bless his holy name,
Offering Him our joyful hearts,
Joining in endless praise”.